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2018-01-08 10:40  

A.Prof. Le-Ying Zhang,  Taizhou Institute of Sci. & Tech.NUST / School of Intelligent Manufacturing,China.

Research Area:
Mechanical design and manufacturing, Biomass energy

Research experience:

2016-present engaged in the research project of "Research and development of new materials for the core components of biomass energy manufacturing and industrialization" with Jiangsu Wanli Machinery Co., Ltd.


2017.6 The paperEnergy Saving and Emission Reduction Analysis of Wheat Straw-Wood Biomass Pellet Fuel won the award for academic exchange of the Nineteenth Annual Meeting of the China Association for science and technology. The paper was also presented at the Brussels conference 2017 European Bioenergy Future in November.


2017.7 The paper Analysis of Emission Reduction Effect for Rape Straw-poplar Biomass Pellet Fuel was submitted to 2017 International Conference on New Energy and Sustainable DevelopmentNESD2017),and published in journal Advances in Engineering Research (AER) by ATLANTIS PRESS.


2017.10 was chosen as the target of training in 2017 second batch of Jiangsu Province Youth Science and technology talent supporting engineering