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2018-01-08 11:29  

Dr.Xiang-Lian Han from Weifang Vocational College/ Department of chemical Engineering, China.

Research Area:

Green chemical process; Clean production


Research experience:

    During the past several years, my research experience main concentrated on the coal flue gas treatment and resource utilization, which contains the flue gas desulfurization and  regeneration of desulfurizer, the preparation of high quality gypsum whisker, and the flue gas denitrification and preparation of denitrification enhancer. Research on nearly 5 years of scientific research project, I have made some achievements in scientific research, such as published 10 papers (2 papers indexed by SCI), 3 invention patents. 

Academic Research Experience

National Natural Science Foundation of China(NO. 51272114)

Shandong Province key development projects(NO. 2015GSF117010)

Qingdao Science and Technology Plan Basic Research Project(NO. 12-1-4-3-(8)-jch)

Weifang Science and Technology Development Plan(NO. 2015GSF117010)

Weifang Natural Science Foundation(NO. 2014ZJ1060)